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Quinacridone Gold Genuine


Lightfastness I Excellent

Blue wool 7-8. The pigment will remain unchanged for more than 100 years of light exposure with proper mounting and display. (Suitable for artistic use.)

Transparency T Transparent


Staining ? Unknown

No data available.

Granulation ? Unknown

No data available.


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Manufacturer Description

From Prodigal Sons Pigments:
Genuine Quinacridone Gold PO49 Handmade Watercolor Paint Pans. Available in Full & Half Pans. Extremely concentrated single pigment watercolor. Another rare, discontinued pigment and paint that is very sought after and adored. I am just getting ready to mull and pour the final layer of the pans but being that it cures slowly they will probably not be ready to ship until the end of next week. This watercolor consists of a single pigment & a binder composed of gum arabic, glycerine, cornstarch & clove oil as a preservative. Considered to be a non toxic pigment & paint but nevertheless please store in a secure area away from the reach of children & pets. Dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly manner & in accordance with all local, state & national laws. For professional users only. Please contact me with any questions & thank you for your interest!

Artist Notes

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