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Egyptian Blue


Lightfastness ? Unknown

No data available.

Transparency S/T Semi-Transparent


Staining 1 Non-Staining

Liftable or completely removable once dry.

Granulation Y Granulating

Pigment particles are uneven and clearly visible.


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Manufacturer Description

From Prodigal Sons Pigments:
Genuine Egyptian Blue PB31 Handmade Watercolor Pans. Pure Copper calcium Silicate and a simple binder. Absolutely Authentic. Available in Full & Half Pans. Egyptian Blue watercolor paint is a semi granulating watercolor paint - it is a soft, rustic blue. My watercolors consist of a single pigment & binder composed of gum arabic, glycerine & clove oil as a preservative. Please store in a secure area away from the reach of children & pets. Dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly manner & in accordance with all local, state & national laws. For professional users only. Please contact me with any questions & thank you for your interest!

Artist Notes

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